5 Essential Utensils for a Good Vacation

You could be going on a bare bones wilderness trip, or you may be camping in style in an all-mod-cons variety of RV. In either case, you will need some basic utensils for cooking, eating, drinking, washing and so on. There are some items that can be the use and dispose type – cups, plates and even cutlery. However there are some utensils that you will need.

Let’s look at some essential utensils for travel that could come in handy even if you’re going away for a few days to a secluded cabin somewhere away from civilization.

1. The basic cooking pan

cooking-panThe basic cooking pan or skillet or pot will be useful for most of your cooking needs. It can be used when you have to heat up the water. It will be a simple matter to rustle up a hearty breakfast of eggs and bacon. You can even rustle up a simple, but tasty stir fry if you want. Pick out a standard size that will do for most purposes or get a set in graded sizes that nest into one another. Remember to pick ones with heat proof handles.

2. Well insulated thermos

If you’re going to need ice, the thermos will keep it solid for a long time. And if you’ve heated some water and want it available for later without having to get the stove lit again, the thermos will come in handy again. If you have hot water available, you can whip up a cup of instant coffee or tea in a jiffy whenever you feel like it.

3. A good knife, and corkscrew cum bottle opener

One of the stumbling blocks to cooking when you’re camping or traveling is the absence of a good knife for cutting, dicing and paring. A good knife will inspire you to be creative with your culinary experiments so carry one. Also pack a corkscrew cum can opener cum bottle opener – useful for so many more things than just opening cans and bottles.

4. Skewers

No camping or wilderness trip is complete without a barbecue under the stars and for this you will needs skewers. Remember to get ones with heat proof handles and preferably pick a graded size set.

5. Slotted ladles and spoons

Slotted ladles and spoons will prevent the spoon slipping into the pot when you cook – very useful for when you’re cooking away from your own well equipped kitchen.