Top 5 Kids Vacation Products

Traveling with kids can be challenging – they can get bored, cranky, uncomfortable or just plain miserable. However you can avert these problems by carrying along a few necessities that will smooth things over for your little one.

Here are some travel essentials to carry along when you’re traveling with kids.

1. The baby sling or kangaroo pack

If you ask any seasoned traveler-parent what is a lifesaver when traveling with kids they would likely tell you it is the baby sling; something we also refer to as a kangaroo pack. Your child is finding everything new and unfamiliar and he or she is out of their comfort zone. This upsets them.


At such a time, being in close contact with a loved one is comforting, soothing and calming. Babies easily fall asleep when strapped securely to a parent. Also very important is that the parent doesn’t have to carry their kid around all of the time. It also leaves the parents’ hands free to handle luggage, other older kids, tickets and so on.

2. Folding stroller

Soon your child is not going to fit into that baby sling and now is the time for that folding stroller. It performs much the same function as the sling – gives the child a sense of the familiar and comforting, it offers a place for the child to take a nap when tired. Also a heavy toddler is difficult for a parent to carry, so a stroller comes in very handy.

Many strollers come equipped with pockets and zips so you can also carry a book or a snack along with the stroller. Look for light weight strollers that fold into a compact object not much bulkier than a long umbrella.

3. Kid friendly apps on your smart phone or tablet

There are so many apps on the Android or the iPhone platforms that are formulated with kids in mind. They keep them amused and engaged and at the same time try to teach your child something.

4. The all inclusive baby bag

This one should contain all the essentials – diapers, wipes, formula and a change of clothes. Also remember to carry any medications or vitamins that the child is supposed to take. If you’re traveling by plane or traveling to a high altitude place, ask your doctor what ear drops to carry. This will help soothe a cranky baby.

5. Favorite toys

An older child will probably pick their PSP, iPod or other video game; a younger child will likely pick a favorite cuddly to go. Give your child a choice of one of two favorite toys or games to carry along to keep them from getting bored.