Finding the Perfect Holiday Cottage

Self catering cottages are a great holiday accommodation option. They offer much more space and freedom compared to hotels or B&B’s and no one will be watching as you come and go on your holiday. It is also the most cost effective of accommodation options, with competitive rental rates and offering the opportunity to save by making your own meals.

If you’ve never stayed in a self catering cottage you may be a bit overwhelmed by all of the different options that are on offer. From city centre apartments, to secluded log cabins and everything in between, there are as many holiday cottage options as there are holiday makers. To ensure that you find a cottage which suits your needs perfectly there are a few things you should consider before you begin your search.

What type of property will you feel most comfortable in?


Some people would relish the idea of spending the night in a converted jail cell and for others this is the makings of their worst nightmare! There are so many different types of self catering holiday accommodation available there is something to suit every need. Before you begin your search you should think about the type of property you would prefer as this will ensure you are happy and comfortable on arrival. With converted railway stations, English country estates, and modern lofts available for rental you are sure to find accommodation which best suits you and your needs.

What amenities are you looking for?

There are cottages with just about any amenity you could imagine, from private indoor swimming pools, to luxury Jacuzzis, and games rooms complete with billiards. Spending a moment consider what amenities you would like can help to focus your search and find the cottage of your dreams. Hotels aren’t the only ones that can offer you amazing amenities, sometimes holiday cottages can offer even more.

What type of holiday are you hoping for?

Are you looking for a walking holiday that maybe your pet dog can come along to? Or are you in need of a quiet weekend away from the stresses of your everyday life? There are all types of holiday cottages located across the UKand Irelandso you are certain to find one that seems to be designed just for you. Stay in a secluded log cabin in the Highlands of Scotland if you are looking to get away from it all. A holiday filled with outdoor adventures is yours for the taking if you stay in a Lake District cottage, and many can even offer storage for your mountain bike or climbing equipment. These are options that most hotels just can’t offer you.

Taking just a few moments at the beginning of your holiday cottage search will not only save you time and frustration but will help to point you towards the cottage that best suits your needs.