7 Things to Do Before Going on Vacation

You are leaving for a vacation to another country and you may be staying there for couple of weeks. There are several things you need to take care of before leaving your home, in order to cut short the hassles and have a worry-free travel.

Here is a checklist of important things that you should take care of before you leave for vacation.

1. Let your family and friends know how to contact you

going-on-vacationIt is advisable to give your beloved ones enough contact details about you so that they can stay in touch with you and let you know about the happenings at the home. You should provide details like the name and address of the place where you are going to stay on your vacation, your contact number (if any) and your return flight details.

2. Temporarily stop your mailbox service

Visit your postal office and let them know that you will be away on a vacation and ask them to temporarily stop your mailbox service. If you don’t do so, your mailbox will be overflowing with new letters. Overflowing mailboxes are a good sign for robbers to understand that the owner is not at home.

3. Close all the windows and doors

Before you leave your home, double check that all the windows and doors of your house are closed. If you forget to close a window or door, it can easily allow anyone to sneak into your house and steal away your valuables.

4. Turn off the lights and household appliances

To ensure that you do not waste electricity, switch off all the lights and household appliances like gas stove. Also, you should keep one light on throughout the duration of your holiday. This will prevent burglars from entering your house.

5. Do not cross the baggage limit

Visit the website of your airline or call them and find out the weight limit for baggage and handheld luggage. When you are at the airport, the officials might suggest you to remove things from your luggage to meet the baggage limit. This can put you in a lurching situation at the airport. Hence, before you leave, you need to pack only very important items so that you do not exceed the baggage limit.

6. Put the expensive items in the handheld bag

If you are carrying expensive jewelry with you, it is advisable to put it in the handheld bag that you are going to carry with you. This way you won’t end up losing your expensive items when the airline misplaces your baggage.

7. Carry your medicines

Make a list of the important medicines you need to carry. Place them securely in your handheld bag. Also, carry enough medicines that will last through the entire vacation.