Strolling Vacation to Mt. Fuji

Japan is an Asian country where most of the technological advancements take place gradually. For many years, many attributes have been made to the country as it unfailingly brings people into amazement because of the various gadgets, devices and equipments that Japan can rapidly produce. But Japan is not just a country living the modern kind of life. It also has in-depth passion for reliving the authenticity and genuineness of ancient Japan.

Until this time, Japan remains to be famous for the cherry blossoms that bloom during the winter season. But besides the ever beautiful cherry blossoms that only Japan can genuinely possess, Japan is also famous for housing the highest mountain of the country, Mt. Fuji.

Mt. Fuji has always been one of the most visited attractions in Japan. Tourists who get to visit the country find it equally necessary that they get to visit or see the mountain, even from afar. While majority of elder tourists get contented of merely looking at the intense beauty Mt. Fuji has, most young visitors find it equally thrilling and challenging to reach the peak of the mountain. Here are top three things that most tourists love to experience.

Climb to Mt. Fuji


Visitors and locals of the country who opt to create a memorable experience of climbing to the top of Japan’s tallest mountain can actually make it possible. Experts of the place have already established the perfect seasons when tourists should hike the mountain. Over the years, several tracks have been established at different sides of the mountain and ten stations have been identified to ensure that a safe flight to the top will be achieved. Adding more to the memorable experience that tourists can make, mountain huts have been put up to provide hikers a sturdy shelter while going on a long hike to the mountain’s summit. Undeniably, a successful climb to Mt. Fuji will obviously be an irreplaceable experience.

Experience Fujigoko (Fuji Five Lakes)

Fujigoko basically takes a form of a resort, which is comprised of five different lakes. In this highly recognized tourist attraction in Japan, tourists have the most apt view of Mt. Fuji, while having fun around and about the area. Within the resort, a lot of activities can be enjoyed indoors and outdoors such as camping, fishing, and hiking as well as strolling along parks and museums that feature the utmost beauty that Mt. Fuji and the entire country of Japan have on hand.

Relax at Hakone

Hakone is situated in area where a perfect view of the famous mountain, Mt. Fuji can be experienced. Along with this breath taking scenery is the presence of hot springs that keep tourists warm from the freezing weather. More so, Hakone is one perfect getaway for people who just want to take a break from the busy life.