Top 5 Beaches for Family Summer Vacation

Summer can be the best time to get away from your daily routine and go out on a wonderful holiday destination to enjoy with your family members. One of the best places in the world where can you find the most exotic beaches is around the Atlantic and Pacific Coast. Here are some of the most popular ones.

1. Florida

Florida has some of the most suitable beach resorts for family outing. There are many sandy beaches and since it is affordable to spend vacation at the beaches of Florida, people from diverse countries come here every year to enjoy its beauty.

florida-beachThere are plenty of activities like scuba diving, paragliding, and other water sports in which children can participate. Disney’s Vero Beach Resort is also a great place for families and children to spend great time. Also, the world famous beach, the Myrtle Beach is haven for exciting activities like circus and acrobatics at Le Grande Circque and one can also enjoy NASCAR racing at the NASCAR Speedpark.

2. Hawaii

hawaii-beachHawaii is brilliantly located at the middle of the North Pacific Ocean. At Hawaii, you can find one of the most active volcanoes in the world. The Kohola Coast resort, the saddle road and evergreen sandy beaches are some of its attractions. Waikki beach which receives a lot of tourists annually is located at Oahu.

Maui is another place that is not only a famous beach but also well-known for its good looking and twisting roads in the world. When you go for a family vacation at the pristine beaches located at Hawaii, you will surely come back with loads of happy memories.

3. San Diego

san-diegoLocated beautifully along the South California seacoast, San Diego enjoys favorable climate for enjoying perfect family vacation. The great stretches of beach are its main attraction. You can enjoy playing volleyball under the hot sun, or go for fishing, windsurfing, snorkeling, boating, sailing, whale-watching, hang gliding, scuba diving, etc.

There are plenty of amusement parks and water parks. You can dine at various restaurants at all the beaches of San Diego such as Ocean Beach, La Jolia and Pacific Beach.

4. The Hamptons

hamptons-beachesThe beaches present at the eastern region of the Hampton, New York are also a good place to spend family beach vacation. As compared to the other beaches of the country, beaches close to the ocean and bay do not get crowded. In fact, the East Hampton House which offers some of the topnotch accommodation also gives its room occupants exclusive access to the private beach.

5. Maui

maui-islandEven though spending a family vacation at Maui is a costly affair, still people from all across the world come to this awesomely beautiful place to spend their holidays. The Maui Island is a wonderful Hawaiian island to surf at the exotic beaches, view the mighty volcanoes and rewind with your family members at the posh resorts.

Some of the other activities that you can do at the island with your family members include canoeing, kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, snorkeling, and shopping for beach items like swimwear, sunscreen and souvenirs at low prices.