Top 5 Safety Products for Travel

Travel is the time that you learn and discover new things and have new experiences. However there are some new experiences that you just don’t want to have – a bear attack, theft, injury, illness, stomach upset, etc. Here are some products that will keep you safe while you travel and help you avoid such unfortunate incidents.

1. Food safe

This is important if you’re going camping or if you’re going to be living in the wilderness somewhere. A food safe will prevent wild animals being attracted to your food which can be dangerous.


Bear resistant canisters, metal food lockers and other such products are sometimes provided at camp sites; so ask about them. If they are not, bring your own or create a bear hang between two trees. Also remember to cook responsibly, and dispose of all waste and scrap in a responsible manner.

2. Insect repellant

Insect repellant would be the difference between having a beautiful night under the stars and having a disturbed, frustrating and scratchy night. It isn’t just the biting variety of insects that will be repelled other unwanted bugs and critters will also keep away.

3. Water purifier and Hand sanitizer

A portable water purifier is a great idea if you’re going camping or visiting any place where the water is likely to be unsanitary. Rather than rely on local water bodies or even suspicious bottled water, purify all water before drinking it. A hand sanitizer is also a great thing to carry along on all travels – if you don’t have access to soap and water for whatever reason; a hand sanitizer is the next best thing.

4. First aid kit

Basic medicines, anti allergy medicines (specific anti histamines or inhaler if you have allergies or asthma), pain relievers, should travel with you in a small box no matter where you go. Also remember to include a tube of generic antiseptic and some basic bandages for minor cuts and scrapes.

5. Padlock

This little item can be particularly important if you’re going to be staying in any budget lodgings. You can use it to secure a hotel room, your own luggage, a cupboard or a wardrobe or any place you want to store any valuable items. While it is best to carry valuable documents and money along, some things such as your laptop or other bulkier items may not be possible to carry. So it is best to use a locking device of some sort to secure them.