Kakadu National Park – Vacation in Australia’s Cradle of Beauty

Kakadu National Park is one famous tourist attraction situated along the coasts surrounding the tiny continent of Australia. While many parks that exist today are intentionally made and are artificially embellished with seemingly natural and authentic forms of life, Kakadu National Park is not one among these types of parks.

Kakadu National Park is basically the magnet of Australia, as it continues to attract locals, foreign visitors and tourists with the natural features that only such prominent park can produce. It remarkably stands firm until this point in time as it continues to serve its primary purpose of protecting the beauty and wonder nature has, such as the various water forms, land forms and the life existing in the wild.

kakadu-national-parkAs most typical modern parks provide shelter only to quite a few numbers of animals and kinds of plants, Kakadu National Park is the type like no other. It may sound unbelievable but the exact location of Kakadu National Park is able to cater four major river systems, six primary land structures and thousands of animals of various species. With these on hand, a lot of attractions within the park will definitely bring tourists in great awe.

1. Yellow Water Wetlands

The Yellow Water Wetlands is one of the most visited attractions in Kakadu. Tourists have the freedom to choose which activity to engage into as it offers board walking with various species of birds to see, Yellow River cruises with sunsets to witness and storytelling while going for a walk at a track where the abundance of flora and fauna can be breathtaking.

2. Jim Jim Falls

Taking a plunge at Kakadu National Park’s Jim Jim Falls is one of the experiences many of the tourists dare not to forget. It is basically surrounded by tall cliffs and cool forests that make such an attraction a true wonder. After having the plunge of a lifetime, most tourists find it equally breathtaking to take sumptuous meals while viewing and enjoying majestic scenery.

3. Nourlangie Rock Art Site

Kakadu National Park is not only embellished with rivers, falls, exotic animals and rare kinds of plants. Within the park is also a site where history of Australia can be known and appreciated, which is more famously known as the Nourlangie Rock Art Site. In this popular attraction, aboriginal arts can be seen along with paintings that were practically embedded on the rocks. It is in this where tourists can fully appreciate the meaning of real art.

4. Others

Apart from the three mentioned, there are still a lot more attractions and sites that tourists should never fail to visit at Kakadu. There are the Anbangbang Billabong, Bukbukluk Lookout, Red Lily Bucket and many other walk tracks which can be paired with a great deal of friends and an excellent tasting food.