Hawaii Vacation – Surfing Through the Beaches

Hawaii is a widely known island that was just recently recognized as one of the states of America. Its worldwide fame is greatly attributed to its natural fine-coarse sand beaches that will take any tourist’s breath away. Its clear blue green waters are also the magnet to tourists and investors, as various rock formations and marine life creatures can be seen beneath the clear and astounding waters of Hawaii.

More so, the beaches of Hawaii are known to exude drama and art as it is capable of tuning in to the unpredictable climate changes that take place all year round. And, what makes Hawaii the pedestal of the best beaches across nations is the fact that it is highly consistent in imparting a worthwhile experience that only the beaches of Hawaii can truly impart to tourists and locals alike.

lanikai-beach-hawaiiToday, the number of people visiting the beaches of Hawaii continues to increase despite the rapid and influential changes that technology has imposed to the modern era. Here are some of the most famous trending beaches that only the island of Hawaii genuinely possesses.

1. Lanikai Beach, Oahu

Located at the southwestern part of Hawaii, Lanikai beach expresses serenity and calmness due to the minimal waves that rummage to the shore. This white sand beach is also the best site where children can truly enjoy the sun, the sand and the cool blue waters as the waters remain to be at low levels all year round.

2. Hanalei Bay, Kauai

Strolling through the long stretch of white sand beach that takes an almost perfect semi-circle shape, Hanalei Bay is one of the most famous beaches found in the island of Hawaii. Besides the great mixture of off white sand and blue green waters, Hanalei Bay possesses an amusing waterfall that creates an astounding connection with nature. Tourists will definitely find peace and tranquility without totally neglecting the great water adventures in the beautiful Hanalei Bay.

3. Hapuna Beach, Big Island

Most of the international reviews have proclaimed Hawaii’s Hapuna Beach to be the most stunning among all the other beaches in the island. The perfectly shaped landscape of sand that heads on to the cool salty waters make tourists dive in and experience the vastness of Hawaiian waters.

4. Kailua Beach, Oahu

Kailua Beach expresses another trend of emotion as it imparts the beauty of being light and soft in making connections to the blue waters. At Kailua Beach, visitors can always enjoy the cool fresh air of the beach through wind surfing and kite boarding. Otherwise, they can swim, surf and kayak through the rummaging waves of the sea.

5. Tunnels Beach, Kauai

People who love to go snorkeling will no longer find it hard to look for the best waters to do such activity because Tunnels Beach has been always present. The calm oceans of this beach truly bring people into awe as snorkeling can be done even during the winter season.